23. 4. 2017 

OK, fully updated to 1200 px pictures!


15. 1. 2017

Any reconstructions are running :-) Wait for new pictures, new blogs and better resolution of pics :-)


15. 1. 2017

I added a new article to my blog.


12. 1. 2017

I added a 2 new articles to my blog.


9. 11. 2016 

Some new photos in the album of family photos.


1. 11. 2016

I added a new article to my blog.


23. 9. 2016

I am glad to present you my calendar for 2017. This year I decided gains from the calendar donate to charity. So go ahead and support a good cause! :-) More here.


29. 5. 2016

I added exactly 100 new photos to the gallery of sports photos. These are photos of all the sports events since 2015 :-) Cycling, baseball, American football, rugby. Plenty to choose from :-)

I added a new article to my blog.


28. 6. 2015

Calendar for 2016 is here!


28. 6. 2015

I added three new articles to my blog.

I added some new photos to the album of family photos.


19. 5. 2015

I added three more articles to my blog.

I added winter photos to the album of family photos.


19. 4. 2015

I added 10th article to your blog.

I added new (autumn:-)) photos to the album of family photos.


8. 4. 2015

I've added four new articles to my blog.


31. 3. 2015

Let me invite you to my next exhibition, which runs from 1st april 2015 until the end of June 2015 in the City Library in Olomouc.



30. 3. 2015

I added new category - blog. But only Czech yet :-( 


1. 1. 2015

At the beginning of the year, bringing several innovations:


30. 9. 2014

After a few months, I completed a photographic project Silo Tower. You can find more here.

23. 9. 2014

I added some pics from MTB comp. to sport gallery.


19. 8. 2014

Some photos has been added to portrait gallery.


27. 7. 2014

I added some new cycling photos to sport gallery and portrait gallery.


26. 6. 2014

I added new photos to sport gallery.


2. 5. 2014

Galleries Architecture and Landscape has been updated today.

2. 4. 2014

I have just added some new photos to Landscape gallery


30. 12. 2013

I added some photos to Portrait gallery. After a long time, there are also digital photos, after a long time are color.

21. 11. 2013

To the offer section was placed offer of postcards. All informace you can see at postcards gallery.


6. 11. 2013

From today you can order calendar for year 2014. More information you can find at offer section.

23. 10. 2013

To the author section was placed link to an interview with me.

23. 9. 2013

I am pleased to introduce a new form of my site that does not only redesigned the look, but also the content. In all categories you can see new photos :-)

In gallery you can moving next and previous by using the arrow keys.